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Hey All,

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with Dieselrella?

It is a strain I stumbled onto that has my attention. From what I have read it is a cross of Cinderella99 and NYC Diesel.

I'm thinking about trying to get ahold of some and see....

Any info or thoughts?

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Re: Dieselrella?

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I know a breeder (BOG) that used cindy99 for some of his creations but I never heard of that cross before. As usual, if I don't know it, I try to research it; this is what I found:


Type: Regular
Climate: Indoor, Outdoor
Flowering: 6-7 weeks
Yield: Average to High
Height: Medium to tall
Indica/Sativa: Mostly sativa
Effect: High
Flavour: Lemon
THC Level:
Growing: Easy to moderate

Experience is a big factor in coming up with the idea of producing new marijuana hybrid strains. This is the major consideration when the breeder of Dutchgrown Seeds decided to cross NYC Diesel of Soma Seeds with the popular C99 strain. The result is phenomenal as it produced a mostly sativa hybrid that is versatile and genetically stable while at the same time able to produce big and dense cannabis buds with abundant resin production. This hybrid can grow both indoor and outdoor and also capable of adjusting to different growing techniques applied by more experienced growers.
Flowering time for Dieserella can be expected once it enters 6 weeks from the time it leaves the germination stage. Yield is quite good for this mostly sativa hybrid and the grower can expect to harvest big long buds with light purple colour oozing with trichomes."

That's a pretty fast flower time for a mostly Sativa strain but, as we'd expect, it can get tall. The smoke reports that I saw weren't that impressive but all of that is subjective.

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