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Discuss the Pros & Cons of Cannabis use/abuse.
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Re: Pros and cons...

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Happyweedz » Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:14 am wrote:Well the tobacco reference is a good parallel IMO...

The tobacco plant itself may be completely harmless and a part of nature....

But when it is USED/ABUSED by mankind it becomes a loaded with cons for most....

Same difference??
Of course, it would be the same with alcohol and virtually anything else...including DHMO. ;) Conversely, if a person who has never seen or tried MJ says that there are no pros to MJ use/abuse they would be equally wrong. Right?

Since we're trying to educate people here, we have to be honest - to them and ourselves.

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Re: Pros and cons...

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Seems to me an important point regarding the definition of abuse not spilled on the floor should be mentioned in context to a coupla differences so far mentioned..

When a known harm occuring from over-dose or obsessed use is personally dismissed or factually argued against its' evidence, there's ABUSE.

If there's full acknowledgement of said harm, there's acknowledged RISK.

If there's DENIAL, there's ABUSE.

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