Politics, sex and religion...

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Please keep politics, religion and sex out of this forum so we don't start needless fights and hard feelings.
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Politics, sex and religion...

Post by SisterMaryElephant »

In polite/civilized conversation these subjects are supposed to be avoided...

Everybody has a political/religious leaning but political and religious discussions often get out of hand. By only allowing political and religious discussions in the VIP Lounge, I hope that can be minimized. People that paid for their VIP Membership access will hopefully be more conscientious and less contentious to avoid getting banned and losing their access since there will NOT be any VIP refunds and they have something to lose if they act up in the wrong way.

As adults, sex (in general) is normal and healthy but some people get out of hand and take these conversations too far. We will NOT be posting nude/provocative images, links or videos here but as long as people act respectful and mature the subject of sex will be allowed In the VIP Lounge for discussion.

If these topics become more trouble than they're are worth I'll stop them altogether; use your words and choose them wisely...

(If you have questions about what is or isn't allowed read the Rules linked at the top of the forums and/or send a PM to the GrowTutor Staff if your question isn't answered there.)
(Please stay on topic and avoid hijacking topics here too; abuse via PM is not acceptable either)

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