Board rules

This page is designed to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules, we ensure that our board runs smoothly and without problems. If you have any question regarding these rules, do not hesitate to contact a staff member with your question.

  1. Respect the Forums & Staff

    1. Rule #1:
      GrowTutor Staff is always right.

      Rule #2:
      If GrowTutor Staff is wrong, go back to Rule #1... ;)

      Administrators and Moderators are right, and you are wrong...when it comes to interpreting the rules, deciding what is or isn't a violation and how to handle such cases.
    2. If you feel that a Moderator has made an error or is being abusive, PM an Administrator or use the contact form.

      If you feel an Administrator needs to be reported, don't bother.
    3. No backseat moderation; use the report post function.
    4. Do not create crude or otherwise offensive usernames, avatars, signatures or Gallery submissions.
    5. Do not register more than one account without prior approval of an Administrator.
    6. Do not attempt to impersonate GrowTutor staff or any other user.
    7. You will not attempt to, or help others to, bypass forum security measures. These measures include, but are not limited to;
      Registering new user names to bypass bans.
      Starting a new thread to bypass locked topics.
      Hacking, or attacking any part of the site or server.
      Posting messages for Banned or ignored members,
      Bypassing Staff decisions about content.
      Attempting to obtain privileges only available to GrowTutor staff or VIP members without permission.
      Hiding behind tor, hosted servers or other proxies.
    8. You will not argue with, comment on or question the actions, authority or official comments of the GrowTutor staff (Administrators, Moderators, etc.) in a public forum. Should you wish to do so you are directed to contact the GrowTutor staff via PM (the private messaging system) instead.
      Note: This ONLY applies to "official" communications and actions, everyone is free to debate with staff regarding grow related posts, etc.
  2. Advertising/SPAM

    1. Spam is never allowed here.
    2. If you want to advertise, contact an Administrator or Moderator for information on advertising rates.
    3. Unauthorized advertisements will be considered [url=]"Theft of (advertising) Services."[/url]
    4. Spammers WILL be banned, the spam WILL be deleted and the spammer WILL be reported to various anti-spam blacklists.
  3. Behavior

    1. All members are expected to behave like mature, respectful adults. Period.

      You will at all times respect and refrain from harassing and/or personally attacking other users or GrowTutor staff.

      You will respect the rights of other members to have their own opinions.

      You will not use language that is considered foul, vulgar, sexually harassing, racially offensive or in any way discriminatory. These expressions include, but are not limited to, sexist language, ethnic slurs, hate speech and religious epithets. "It was only a joke" is not a valid excuse.

      Politics and religion should be avoided except within designated forums.
    2. Please only post messages that are within the particular forum’s scope or topic.

      Please use descriptive subject titles when posting new threads.

      Do not hijack topics for your own purpose but, rather, will begin a new thread with the new subject.

      All posts are to be in English as that is the common language of the staff.
    3. Do not make posts or PMs that are inflammatory with the perceived intent to piss people off (i.e. "trolling," "flaming" and "grieving") or to start arguments.
    4. Do not post messages that request, condone, support, offer or discuss pirated software/media or links to other such sites that condone, offer it or discuss p2p sites/methods.
    5. Whether a post or PM is appropriate or not will be determined by GrowTutor staff.
  4. Swearing

    1. Swearing is allowed here but swearing at other members is not.

      I fell on my ass! (allowed)
      You are an ass! (NOT allowed)
  5. Linking URLS

    1. 1) For members with more than 15 posts; links to grow related informational articles will be allowed as long as the site isn't selling products. (wikipedia, etc)
    2. 2) For members with more than 25 posts; links to sites that sell grow related things will allowed if they're actually linking specifications or informational articles for the purpose of debate or answering a question posed by other members. (grow light specs, nutrient schedules, etc.)
    3. 3) For members with more than 50 posts; any grow related links will be allowed for the purpose of debate or informational purposes but Moderators and Administrators may remove links determined to be advertising disguised as something else or pages that contain questionable advertising. (youtube channel to compliment a member's journal)
    4. 4) Moderators and Administrators have no restrictions and may reject/edit/delete posts as they see fit. Members may get warned or banned as appropriate if they try to sneak things in that they shouldn't. Don't try to play games to advertise.
    5. All links must be grow related; this forum will not be turned into a free advertising spam-medium for anyone...

      Not permitted:
      Non-grow related sites or peronal blogs.
      Other forums.
      Youtube channels that contain blatant advertising for the purpose of creating income.
    6. Restricted:
      A nutrient company might have an article about growing but they also sell their own line of nutrients. That wouldn't be permitted for members under 25 posts.

      Online hydro stores may be linked if they sell more than one brand of the product being discussed. For example: If the member who has 50+ posts wants to link the online hydro store where they got a good deal on a chiller (and they sell more than one brand of chiller); that *would* be allowed. If they only sell one brand of nutrients then that would *not* be allowed in a nutrient related debate/discussion.

      This is *NOT* intended to be a complete list of what is or isn't allowed. Use common sense and restraint. Abuse will not be tolerated and may lead to edited posts, warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans. If it becomes a moderation nightmare, a more restrictive policy will be instated. 15+, 25+, 50+ "good job" posts doesn't count.
  6. Avatars

    1. Your Avatar should be 120x120 pixels or smaller.

      Your Avatar should conform to the normal forum rules regarding content.

      Your Avatar should not use linked images, please upload it to your gallery or the UCP directly.

      Any Avatar seen as being overly offensive, etc is liable to be removed without notice.

      GrowTutor forum staff has the final say regarding what is or isn't appropriate for Avatars.
  7. Signatures

    1. Your signature should be composed of the default font size or smaller and should be 5 lines maximum (including lines of spaces) when viewed at 1200 x 1080.

      We strongly encourage much shorter signatures.

      Your signature should conform to the normal Forum Rules regarding content.

      Your signature should not include ASCII or linked images. If you must use an image in your signature, upload it to your gallery.

      Colors, links (in accordance with Forum Rules) and other BB codes may be used.
      Note: the bad nesting of BB codes may cause forum problems and these signatures may be removed without notice.

      Any signature seen as being overly long or of an offensive nature etc is liable to be removed without notice.

      Inflammatory political statements (as determined by the GrowTutor Staff) are not permitted in signatures and will be removed.

      GrowTutor forum staff has the final say regarding what is or isn't appropriate.

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